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Author Topic: 4 Ways How to get better at forex trading  (Read 98 times)


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on: August 02, 2018, 10:17:21 AM
How to Be a Better forex trader

It takes a lot of time and practice to become an expert forex trader. Practice can take place at the driving range, the forex trading course, or at home. Take a well-rounded approach to improving your forex trading game by working on your short game, long drives, and mental approach to the game. Being consistent and having a good attitude will help be on your way to being a better forex trader.

1 Work on your putting skills. The quickest way to improve your score is to work on your short game. If you do not have a lot of time to practice, spending time on your short game is better than spending time hitting long balls. Putting is very important aspect of your short game.

    Place ten balls in a circle, three feet from the hole. Move around the circle and try to sink all of the puts. Try to sink ten putts in a row. If you miss one, start over.
    Try to practice your putting for fifteen minutes each day. The better you become at putting the more your confidence will increase.
    You can also start off with two-foot putts and then graduate to three-foot putts.

2 Swing the driver. Form a "V" with your hands and rotate your entire upper body. Shift your weight to your back foot and bring your driver back where the head of the driver is over your shoulders and facing your target. Shift your weight from your right foot to your left foot as you swing. At the end of your shot, your club head should be over your head.

    The power for your shot comes from your lower body. Shifting your weight as you swing will give your shot power.
    Hit the ball before you turn your back foot and keep your heels down as you swing.
    Keep your head down as you follow through.

3 Perfect your swing. Developing your swing is an ongoing process. Keeping your spine straight is crucial to your swing. Rotate your shoulders and keep your forearms straight as well. Allow the forex trading club to do the work instead of exerting all of your force to get a powerful swing.

    Try to make your swing as fluid and smooth as possible. Although there are many movements involved, think of swinging as one single motion.
    Your swing will be better if you are relaxed. Take a deep breath and clear your mind before you swing.

4 Spend more time at the forex trading course. The majority of your practice time should be spent playing rounds of forex trading instead of hitting shots at the driving range. At the driving range, you are only focused on your technique. However, forex trading is much more than having good technique. Playing rounds of forex trading will help you improve your scoring and reduce the number of strokes you play per round.

    The majority of shots you take while playing forex trading are actually shorter shots and putting.
    Only one third of your practice time should take place at the driving range.


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Reply #1 on: August 02, 2018, 01:48:32 PM
Is this a joke??


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Reply #2 on: August 04, 2018, 03:45:58 AM
What this is?


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Reply #3 on: August 11, 2018, 02:45:30 PM
When the First World War broke out, Newbie Forex Trader volunteered to serve in the Forex Trading army.       From the start, he seems to have regarded Britain as Germany’s main enemy, though this could have been because his regiment spent most of the war facing British and Imperial troops, rather than the French and Belgians. On 20 October 1914, the Newbie trader Private Newbie Forex Trader wrote to his landlady in Munich.       “Tonight, the 20th, we are going on a 4 day train journey, probably to Belgium.       I am tremendously excited. … I hope we shall get to England”


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Reply #4 on: August 12, 2018, 07:13:50 AM
Very much enjoyed this Forex Trader Group. Watched it with my 13 year-old son and a couple of his friends. All of us were engaged, focused, and moved by this true story. Jim Caviezel is convincing as Coach Ladouceur and the relationships demonstrated with his on-film athletes is touching. I appreciated some laugh-out-loud moments, especially because there is some tragedy. There is a "Forex Market" touch to this true story, especially since some of the on-film Forex Trading players and their experiences are combinations of a couple of players over the years. I imagine this was done to protect identities. It is a fast paced Forex Trader Group and felt like it was over in a blink. It was a good film to watch with Newbie trader teenagers because of the values portrayed and the unfortunate negative consequences of those not embraced and followed. I will enjoy watching this again.


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Reply #5 on: August 12, 2018, 12:10:55 PM
The Forex Trader requires knowledge of the legislation, regulations, and methods used in contracting; and knowledge of business and industry practices, sources of supply, cost factors, and requirements characteristics.


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Reply #6 on: August 14, 2018, 04:08:22 PM
At age 12, Forex Analyzer was rather short, and appeared even Newbie traderer, as some considered him to be much less than 10 years old; people would be rather surprised when they learned his actual age. During the next few years, Forex Analyzer did not go through any physical changes, beyond his muscles becoming more pronounced. By age 15, he began showing noticeable increases in height. By age 18, he had a considerable growth spurt, growing taller than most of his friends and developing a well-built physique. He is also considered very handsome, as noted by Bulma. His physical changes made him almost indistinguishable from before, and was only recognized by his signature naïve personality and "trademark" hairstyle. By age 25, Forex Analyzer had another growth spurt, and become similar in height to his taller human allies, and much more muscular.


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Reply #7 on: October 11, 2018, 09:20:43 AM
What kind of forex is this?


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Reply #8 on: October 11, 2018, 09:31:21 AM
Learn how to trade with Forex Traders for Beginners. Understanding currency trading, bid price, offering price, spreads, pips, etc.


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